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The effect of flocculant polyacrylamide


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The effect of flocculant polyacrylamide

  • 25 October,2018

The effect of flocculant polyacrylamide

The application of anionic polyacrylamide involves mining, ore dressing and metallurgy. By using polyacrylamide, it can promote the rapid settlement of effective solid materials, or accelerate the concentration of fine objects, improve the solid-liquid separation effect, reduce tailings loss and environmental pollution, and reduce the production cost. In general, high molecular weight products are needed in the processing of minerals to ensure fast sedimentation rate, good centrifugation effect and easy access to better economic effects.

Functional characteristics of anionic polyacrylamide Clarification and purification;
Sedimentation facilitation;
Filtration facilitation;
Thickening and other effects.

It can fully meet the requirements of various fields in waste liquid treatment, sludge concentration, and dehydration, mineral dressing, coal washing, and papermaking.

Foshan gaozuo aluminum co., LTD., one of our clients, has an obvious effect on aluminum wastewater so that customers are strongly satisfied with our company's technology. Aluminum dissolves in highly corrosive liquids, while no other impurities other than soluble silicon dissolves. After the above process, the gravel is removed together with the slurry, which has undergone primarily concentrated precipitation. Anionic polyacrylamide flocculant was added to the primary concentration pool. This is a very important process for clarifying overflow. The bottom flow of the concentrator, the red mud, will be treated by a reverse backflow sedimentation process. In this process, the aluminum in the liquid is recovered through a series of washing sedimentation tanks. At this point, the anionic polyacrylamide flocculant is used again to facilitate rapid deposition and to obtain the required clarifying overflow. After filtering and cooling (48 hours), the primary concentration pool is filled with aluminum hydrate to facilitate the precipitation of aluminum trihydrate. Aluminum is obtained by filtering, washing, and burning.

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