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Seven basic principles of industrial wastewater treatment


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Seven basic principles of industrial wastewater treatment

  • 5 August,2018

As industrial wastewater has great impact on the environment and is difficult to treat, some basic principles should be in production and treatment.

These are summarized as follows:

1. The non-toxic production process should be selected as the first priority to replace or reform the backward production process, and the production of toxic and harmful wastewater should be eliminated or reduced as much as possible.

2. The use of toxic materials and the production of toxic products in the process, should be strict operation and supervision. Eliminate leakage, reduce leakage and use proper process and equipment.

3. Wastewater containing highly toxic substances, such as some heavy metals, radioactive substances, high concentrations of phenols, cyanide wastewater should be diverted with other wastewater in order to treat and recover useful substances.

4. The wastewater with larger flow rate and less pollution should be properly treated and recycled, and should not be discharged into sewers, so as to avoid increasing the treatment load of urban sewers and municipal sewage.

5. The organic waste water of urban sewage, such as food processing waste water, sugar making waste water and paper making waste water, can be discharged into urban sewage system for treatment.

6. Some biodegradable toxic wastewater, such as phenol and cyanide wastewater, should be treated first, then discharged into urban sewers according to the allowable discharge standard, and then further biochemical treatment.

7. Toxic waste water with difficult biodegradation should be treated separately and should not be discharged into urban sewage system. The development trend of industrial wastewater treatment is to recycle waste water and pollutants as useful resources or to implement closed circuit circulation.

Find the difficult points and focus on the classification and disposal:

Nowadays,there are many industrial industries. The wastewater produced by each industry is different, even the wastewater produced by different processes in one industry is different. Therefore, it is more effective to classify the waste water and find out the difficulties in treating each kind of wastewater.

In general, industrial wastewater can be divided into three types according to different classification methods.

The first is classified according to the chemical properties of major pollutants in industrial waste water, mainly inorganic waste water and organic waste water. For example, wastewater from electroplating and mineral processing is inorganic wastewater. Wastewater from food or petroleum processing is organic.

The second is classified according to the products and processing objects of industrial enterprises, such as metallurgical waste water, papermaking waste water, coking gas waste water, metal pickling waste water, chemical fertilizer waste water, textile printing and dyeing waste water, dye waste water, leather waste water, pesticide waste water, power station waste water and so on.

The third category is classified according to the main components of the pollutants contained in the wastewater, such as acidic wastewater, alkaline wastewater, cyanide wastewater, chromium-containing wastewater, mercury-containing wastewater, phenol wastewater, aldehyde wastewater, oily wastewater, sulfur wastewater, organophosphorus wastewater and radioactive wastewater.

The first two of the three classification methods do not involve the main components of the pollutants contained in the waste water and do not indicate the harmfulness of the waste water.The third classification method clearly reflects the composition of the main pollutants in the wastewater, which can indicate the harmfulness of the wastewater. According to the third method, the emphases and keys of wastewater treatment can be determined, and the treatment of wastewater can be more targeted.

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