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Is polyaluminium chloride harmful to humans?


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Is polyaluminium chloride harmful to humans?

  • 9 September,2019

When people talk about chemicals, there is always a sense of fear that any chemical is harmful to the human body. Therefore, most users have a vague understanding of the safety and harmfulness of polyaluminum chloride when using polyaluminum chloride.

Polyaluminum chloride is a kind of high polymer water treatment agent, generally yellow powder or granular, itself non-toxic, is not dangerous goods, polyaluminum chloride in water treatment has a good flocculation effect, there are obvious decolorization effect. When using polyaluminum chloride, waterworks will choose more than 30% of the high content of impurities and less in line with national standards of potable water grade polyaluminum chloride. In the tap water treatment will be carried out many times of filtration, so that the harmful residue in the tap water almost does not exist, the impact on human health can be basically ignored.

Polyaluminum chloride also has a certain degree of corrosion and irritation, long-term contact can lead to headache, dizziness, loss of appetite, serious will also stimulate mucous membrane and burn skin, a large number of inhalation of high concentration of polyaluminum chloride can also cause bronchitis. The aluminum ions contained in polyaluminum chloride also have certain harm to the human body. Excessive intake of aluminum ions will lead to a lack of calcium in the human body and cause damage to the brain. Long-term accumulation of aluminum ions in the body will cause certain harm to the liver, spleen, kidney, etc., inhibit the activity of pepsin, and reduce the ability of human digestion and absorption.

Therefore, frequent contact with polyaluminum chloride users, in the use of polyaluminum chloride, wear masks and clothing, avoid contacting with polyaluminum chloride, occasionally contact with polyaluminum chloride, a large amount of water can be washed.

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