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Introduction of anodizing process for Aluminum profile


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Introduction of anodizing process for Aluminum profile

  • 25 August,2018

Anodizing pretreatment process of aluminum alloy is an important link to determine the appearance quality of products. The quality requirements of mechanical grain removal, sanding, matting and brightening of profiles are determined by pretreatment process.

(1) Alkaline etching process:

Degreasing - Rinsing - Alkaline etching - Rinsing - Rinsing - Polishing- Rinsing - Rinsing - Anodizing

After removing oil, the profile is sanded by removing mechanical grain and natural oxide film after alkali corrosion treatment in the alkaline etching tank. Then the surface black ash can be removed through the polishing tank and anodizing can be carried out. The core process of this process is alkaline etching. The surface smoothness of profile and the quality of sand removal are determined by the process. In order to achieve the purpose of leveling the mechanical stripes, it usually takes 12-15 minutes for alkaline etching, 40-50 kg / T for aluminum and 50 kg / T for alkali. Such high aluminum consumption not only wastes resources, but also brings serious environmental problems. The cost of wastewater treatment is increased. The process has been used for more than 100 years, and most of the aluminum plants in the world have been used until the last two years, before being gradually replaced by acid etching.

(2) Acid etching process:

Degreasing - Rinsing- Acid etching - Rinsing - Rinsing - Alkaline etching - Rinsing - Rinsing - Polishing - Rinsing - Rinsing - Anodizing

After degreasing, the profile is etched first by acid and then by alkali. The core process of this process is acid etching, mechanical grain removal, sand removal and so on. Unlike alkali etching, the biggest advantage of acid etching is its strong mechanical texturing ability, quick sand removal, and low aluminum consumption, which is generally completed in 3-5 minutes, and the aluminum consumption is almost 1 / 8 / 1 / 6 of that of alkali etching. From the point of view of working efficiency and saving resources, acid etching is undoubtedly a great progress in alkali etching process. However, the environmental problems of acid corrosion are even more prominent: The release of the poisonous gas HF from the acid tank and the pollution of the washing tank F ~ (2 +). Fluoride is generally highly toxic and is more difficult to handle.

(3) Polishing process:

Degreasing - Rinsing- Polishing - Rinsing - Rinsing

The profile is put into the polishing tank immediately after degreasing. After 2-5 minutes polishing, the mirror surface can be formed.After rinsing, it can be oxidized directly.The core of the process is polishing, removing the grain, mirror finish in the polishing groove. Polishing has the advantages of low consumption of aluminum and bright profile.

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