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  • High Quality Poly Aluminum Polychloride

    Poly aluminium chloride Factory Price:  $0.29/KG Catalogue: Download Application: Purification agent, coagulant agent. More

  • Sodium hydroxide

    Sodium Hydroxide | Caustic Soda Factory Price: $0.56/KG Catalogue: Download Formula:NaOH Other name:Caustic Soda liquid caustic soda:30%、32%、48%、52% Solid  caustic soda:96%、98.5%、99% Supply Ability:5000 Metric Tons/ Month More

  • Manufacturer Direct Sale Of Polyacrylamide(PAM)

    Polyacrylamide Synonym : PAM Catalogue: Download Formula: (C3H5NO)n CAS No: 9003-05-8 Appearance: White powder Type: Cationic,Anionic,Nonionic More

  • wastewater treatment

    Sodium hypochlorite Factory Price: $0.12/KG MF:NACLO Physical property:Colorless crystals or white particles at room temperature, has the very pungent odor. it can be used as bleach and disinfectant, it is bleach of the active ingredient. More

  • wastewater treatment

    COD treating agent MF:Mixture Physical property:COD treatment Agent has the oxidation, reaction sedimentation, adsorption and other treatment technology, can remove cod and other pollutants from the water quickly. More

  • wastewater treatment

    Ferrous sulfate MF:FeSO4.7H2O Physical property:Blue-green single oblique crystalline or granular, odorless. Weathering in dry air, oxidized to brown alkali ferric sulfate in moist air. More

  • Nickel sulfate

    Nickel Sulfate MF:NiSO4·6H2O Nickel sulfate is easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol and methanol.Its aqueous solution is acidic , slightly soluble in acid and ammonia. More

  • aluminium anodizing chemical additives

    AC degreaser for aluminium profile surface treatment AC Degreaser is a kind of colorless liquid, mainly used for aluminum degreasing before anodizing or powder coating. More

Anodized aluminium treatment series

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  • Polishing agent for metal surface
    Ammonium bifluoride used for chemical polishing
    MF:NH4·HF2 White needle crystal, slight acid, easily deliquescent in the air, soluble in water very easily. Its liquor is strong acid and poisonous, which can erode glass.
  • Electrolytic coloring additive
    Double salt electrolytic coloring for aluminium
    The product is composed of antioxidant, reducing agent, complexing agent, dispersant, penetrating agent and potential regulator,etc.
  • Ferric Chloride
    Ferric Chloride
    Formula : FeCl3 CAS No:7705-08-0 Melting point:306 ℃ Boiling point:315 ℃ Appearance:Dark and brown crystals
  • Neutralization of aluminum
    Neutralizing agent for sulfuric acid
    This product is a chromium-free acid liquid with a dark yellow or yellowish green solution.
  • Copper electrolytic colorant
    Copper electrolytic colorant
      Feathers This products is mainly made up of copper salt,comprised of mental coloring salt,dispersants,complexing agent,stabilizers and so on.   Advantage Using this product can obtain stable imitation copper color,  has good weather resistance and light resistance.   Processing Flowsheet Workpiece→Degreasing→Rinsing →Etching→Rinsing→Neutralizing→Rinsing→Anodizing→ Rinsing→ Electrolytic Coloring→Rinsing→Sealing→Rinsing→Finished product   Tank & Processing Parameters  Tank   Free acid: 16-20g / l   Copper sulfate: 8-12g / l Processing   Voltage: 15v-18v   Time: 2-6min Maintenance: 1. During normal production, copper salt, free sulfuric acid and concentration in the tank solution should be analyzed every day. 2.After coloring,the aluminum parts should not stay in the air and in the washing for too long.   Package Seal packaging in plastic barrel ,25 kg /barrel.
  • Chrome-free ash removal agent
    Chrome-free ash removal agent
      Feathers The product is chrome free acidic solution with dark yellow or yellowish green color. It can effectively remove the oxide hanging ash on the surface of aluminum profiles or aluminum alloys. It is suitable for degreasing, coarsening, chemical polishing and alkali corrosion. It is an environmental protection additive to replace chromic anhydride to remove ash and gloss.   Processing Flowsheet Workpiece→Degreasing→Rinsing→→Etching→Rinsing→Neutralization→Rinsing→Anodizing→Rinsing→ Coloring→Rinsing→Sealing→Rinsing→Finished product   Tank & Processing Parameters   Tank Chrome free ash removal agent: 5-20g/L     Nitric acid (68-75%): 100-150g/L  Processing  Chrome-free ash removal agent: 5-20 g / L   Nitric acid (68-75%): 1: 100-150 g / L   Temperature: normal   Time: 30-90s Maintenance: 1. In the process of production, chromium free ash remover is added according to the production quantity.In general, one ton of aluminum profile is consumed chromium-free ash remover: 4-6 kg. 2. Avoid bringing too much dirty debris and contaminate the tank liquid during operation. It is recommended that the bottom of the tank be cleaned every six months.   Advantage 1. No chrome formula, more environmental protection. 2. The traditional method of removing ash by sulfuric acid or nitric acid, it's difficult to remove the copper, zinc and other metal ions suspended ash,this product has a good effect of removing ash and make it gloss. 3.Compare with sulfuric acid and nitric acid solutions,it has a longer life and less dosage.Non - corrosive to aluminum and alloy materials, short immersion time. 4. Wide range of process parameters, low cost and simple operation.   Package Seal packaging in plastic barrel ,25 kg /barrel.
  • Golden yellow coloring agent
    Golden yellow coloring agent
      Feathers It is composed of anti-reducing agent, complexing agent, dispersant and conductive agent.   Application Our golden yellow coloring agent is suitable for surface coloring of aluminum.   Tank & processing parameters  Tank Potassium permanganate:        10-15g/L Golden yellow coloring agent:   15-20g/L  Sulfuric acid:                          20-25g/L  Processing Temperature:      20-26 °C Voltage:               8-12 V Time:                  2-15 min Maintenance: 1.The addition amount of potassium permanganate and sulfuric acid is determined according to the test results. Generally, approximately consumption of potassium permanganate is 5-8kg and golden yellow coloring agent is 2-3kg for each ton of coloring materials produced.  2.During the production process, sediment is occured at the bottom of the tank, but it will not affect the coloring. It recommended to clean the tank bottom regularly.   Advantage Use this product, you can get a stable 18K golden color on the smooth surface. The color has good light resistance and low cost.   Package Seal packaging in plastic barrel ,25 kg /barrel.
  • Aluminium surface treatment
    Titanium coloring agent
      Feathers Titanium coloring agent (containing tin dioxide)  is composed of precious metal salt, dispersant, oxidant, anti-stripping agent and conductive agent. This product is a light red transparent acidic liquid with a density of 1.2g/ml.   Tank & processing parameters  Tank  Titanium coloring agent           45-55g/l   Sulfuric acid                            15-20g/l    Processing  Titanium coloring agent           45-50g/l    Sulfuric acid                           15-20g/l      Temperature                          40-45 ℃  Voltage                                  10-15V   Time                                       2-5min Maintenance: 1.According to the test results of the tank to determine the amount of addition. In general, the consumption of titanium gold colorant is about 3-5 kg/T for light color and 8-10 kg/T for dark color for each ton of titanium gold. 2. Titanium gold can only be deepened and not fade, so the operator must be professional and careful. 3. When stop production, it is necessary to cover the tank well so as to prevent contamination.   Advantage 1. The coloring film has the advantages of uniform surface, good reproducibility and small chromatic aberration. Especially, it solves the problems of electrophoretic fading of some titanium-gold coloring solutions. 2. It is easy to operate without reaming activation process. 3. The tank liquid is clear, no precipitation, and stable. 4.The tank has wide range of process parameters and long service life.   Package Seal packaging in plastic barrel ,25 kg /barrel.
  • Chemical supplier
    Nickel fluoride
    Other Name:       Nickel difluoride Formula:             F2Ni CAS:                   10028-18-9 EINECS:             233-071-3
  • Sodium nitrate
    Sodium nitrate
    Formula:NaNO3 CAS No:7631-99-4 EINECS:231-554-3 Appearance:White powder or colorless crystal
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